Abdullahi Fawale
2 min readSep 12, 2018


Hey! This is a Love Letter

I'm learning to share my thoughts on certain issues now, no matter what people might think.

I've found that I always stay quiet, especially when people I have so much respect for, mouth off their 'ideologies' and uninformed opinions with so much grit and faux authority.

I find this weird too. Considering the fact that I very much see myself as an outspoken person.

I use to nod, take deep breaths or say one or two words in affirmation of these standpoints I do not agree with.

I do this, not necessarily because I hate to take on the role of the antagonist or the 'I-too-know' but because, it saves a whole lot of physical energy and completely avoidable bickering, plus a huge tendency the person on the other side of the argument would most likely misconstrue your 'challenge' as a show of disrespect and despicable indoctrination.

Summary of the above paragraph = Massaging fragile egos. I have a PhD. I didn't come to play.

I just don’t have the STRENGTH for drama.

But. Wrong. Move.

I'm learning that part of owning your truth, part of coming into BEING is accepting how you were made, the qualities that make you who you are, the consequent experiences from your interactions with the world and your general outlook towards life.

You have a voice and your voice is just as important as the other party’s. Part of building a more receptive, tolerant, well-informed society is by contributing your two kobo (from the mental department) to bring people to see the light.

Understand that you have a responsibility to effect real change simply by sharing your thoughts on issues when certain conversations are birthed near you.

But you must approach these discussions with an open mind, seeking to learn, un-learn and re-learn as well. The end game isn't to get people to AGREE with you. Focus (humbly) more on getting them to see things from your own perspective.

There was a time 'speaking rubbish with confidence' was the cool thang. Not anymore. This is 2018. The world is moving fast. We’re in dire need of intellectuals that can hold stuff together and proffer concrete, reasonable and unbiased answers during vital conversations.

Let's be guided, please.


Abdullahi Fawale
The 'Do-Better' Connoisseur.

End note:

In a world full of Trumps, finding the Obamas is quite the chore

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